Elite-XL J!4+ Joomla 4x Mass Content Importer

This is a unique tool (probably in the world)

With the help of excel file you can import into your joomla site hundred of article at once.

It is good for SEO, and for fast content import.
NOTE!: ONLY XLS files! (no xlsx)
NOTE!: ONLY Joomla 4x

Availabe fields:

Article ID > Not editable. If empty will auto-create new one.
If you edit it, it will brake the article!

Article title > Editable / Mandatory

Alias > Editable. If empty will auto-create it based on Article title.

Category > Editable / Mandatory / If not existing – will be created

Content > Editable / Can be left empty

Image > Editable > Intro Image is the same as Full Article Image
Example: images/stories/YOUR-IMAGE.jpg

  • the image must exists on given path, else..will show a missing image icon.

Example: Y or N
Example: Y or N
Example: 05/25/2015
Example: Never

Meta Description > Editable / Can be left empty

Meta Keywords > Editable / Can be left empty

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