Gematria Calculator Extension For Chrome

Gematria calculator extension for Chrome

  • Calculate straight from websites using the right click menu
  • 36 integrated ciphers
  • Cool design, each cipher has its own color
  • Easy to add/edit/remove ciphers and categories
  • Instant calculation for all ciphers at once
  • Calculation history
  • Detailed information about each cipher calculation
  • Easy to customize the results
  • Configuration remembering

Ciphers list

English Ordinal cipher
Full Reduction cipher
Single Reduction cipher
Full Reduction KV cipher
Single Reduction KV cipher
Extended English cipher
Francis Bacon cipher
Franc Baconis cipher
Satanic cipher
Reverse Ordinal cipher
Reverse Full Reduction cipher
Reverse Single Reduction cipher
Reverse Full Reduction EP cipher
Reverse Single Reduction EP cipher
Reverse Extended cipher
Reverse Francis Bacon cipher
Reverse Franc Baconis cipher
Reverse Satanic cipher
Jewish Reduction cipher
Jewish Ordinal cipher
Jewish cipher
ALW Kabbalah cipher
KFW Kabbalah cipher
LCH Kabbalah cipher
English Sumerian cipher
Reverse English Sumerian cipher
Primes cipher
Trigonal cipher
Squares cipher
Reverse Primes cipher
Reverse Trigonal cipher
Reverse Squares cipher
Septenary cipher
Chaldean cipher
Keypad cipher
Fibonacci cipher

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