HTML5 Streetmaps v1.2

This easy to use library allows non-programmers (and programmers alike) to create a wide variety of customized streetmaps using straight HTML (no javascript coding necessary!) Create custom streatmaps with the following mapbox/leaflet built-in features:

• streetmap styling(supports the 14 mapbox.js styles)
• multi-color markers
• multi-color markers with fontawesome icons
• image markers
• custom popups (html only)
• custom popups (with images)
• custom popups (with slideshows)
• heatmaps
• markerclusters
• streetmap directions
• streetmaps with various shapes (polygons, circles, rectangles)

Version History

v1.0 (10/1/2016) – Initial release

v1.1 (10/7/2018) – Bug fixes – leaflet-awesome-markers.js upgrade

v1.2 (10/9/2018) – More bug fixes – leaflet-heatmap.js bug

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