Number Maze – HTML5, Phaser engine (with Cordova files for Android and iOS)

This game is something between Sudoku and a maze. The player controls a square with a number inside of it. He must reach the blue square. However, he has to move it in such a way that the number in his square is zero when he is there. This can be done by stepping over the gray squares, which decrease the number by a certain amount.

  • Made with Phaser engine, version 2.6.2 and its NineSlice plugin.
  • Programmed in an OOP manner, meaning everything is compact in its own class.
  • Has the needed Cordova files for building and an already exported APK file, tested on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Young S6310) and works perfectly. As for iOS, an iMac is needed for building, so I couldn’t test it. I’m guessing it works fine there as well, though.
  • Works perfectly on mobile in the browser.
  • Can be played with both mouse and keyboard, tapping for mobile.
  • Has two difficulty settings, which modify the maze size and the general puzzle complexity.
  • Selected difficulty will be saved in localStorage.
  • When the player presses “Play” or solves a puzzle, the maze makes a nice explosion effect.
  • Neatly animated tooltips will tell the player how to play when he first gets in the game.
  • Loader circle made with CSS.

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