OctoKing – Drag and Drop One Page Website Builder

About OctoKing

OctoKing is a no-code drag-n-drop responsive one-page website builder. You can visually create almost any kind of single-page website with it.

You can create Coming Soon Page, Business Landing Page, Profile Page, Under Construction Page, Maintenance Page, Services Landing Page, Product Landing Page, App Landing Page, Book Launch Page And More.

Demo: https://octoking.com/pro/index.html

Video Tutorial: How To Create Landing Page Using OctoKing Drag-and-Drop Website Builder

No coding skill required.


  1. Create/Design your webpage in the builder
  2. Export/Download it in your hard drive
  3. Unzip the file and host them on your server/hosting using FTP


drag and drop website builder
no code website builder

  • Easy-to-use Drag-and-Drop Website Builder
  • No coding skill required
  • Integrations (MailChimp, Font Awesome Free Icons, Google Fonts, and Google Analytics)
  • PHP Contact form
  • Embed iFrame and Video (Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Pre-design blocks
  • Animation on Scroll
  • Download or Import project file for further modification
  • Add Custom HTML, CSS, and JS codes
  • Unlimited export


1: Server/Hosting needed

You need to upload the files to your server to work properly.

2: It has no login and CMS system.


# OctoKing Changelog
## June 12, 2021
### v0.0.1

### New features
    1: Inline Text editing
    2: Nested columns
    3: Add/Remove Columns
    4: Set responsive width to Column element
    5: Shuffle Columns
    6: Add responsive height to Section/Block element
    7: On click move Section/Block Up/Down
    8: Add rel attribute nofollow/sponsored/ugc
    9: Add text background color/image
    10: Update to Bulma CSS Framework v0.9.2
    11: Switch to HTML5 Sortable (https://github.com/lukasoppermann/html5sortable)

### Removed features
    1: SortableJS (https://sortablejs.github.io/Sortable/)
    2: Multi sortable
    3: Double click for Column element

### Bug fixes
    1: Fix AOS
    2: Fix file upload issue
    3: Fix Contact form issue

### Improvements
    1: Improve Drag and Drop function
    2: Improve source codes

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