The End of Olympus- HTML5 Casual Game

The end of Olympus is a strategy game inspired by the great game platas vs zombies.

This game takes place in ancient Greece. You aim to defend the city from the terrible gollens commanded by the will of the Olympian Gods. Defeat all the gollens to pass the level.
Place the blacksmith to make resources, so you can buy tanks and archers.

– The game contains 5 levels, one more difficult than the other.

– Each stage contains 4 wave of enemies.


– Contains pause system, save game, full screen and change the volume of music and audio.


-The game is all controlled by mouse or touch the screen.
-Menu can be controlled by the arrow keys or by Gamepad

The game is very well commented and extremely easy to make changes to the code. Thus being able to easily increase the levels, enemies, resources and rain system with few clicks.

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